Defense Academy Shield 3dTHE HUB FOR ALL OF OUR TRAINING RESOURCES is the online firearms and tactics training academy - O2DA DEFENSE ACADEMY. Inside you will find our manuals, videos, photos, drills, training plans and other content.

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  • 5-Day Kick-Start Course

    START THE 5-DAY KICK-START COURSE NOW. For gun novices and experienced veterans. The 5-Day Kick Start course takes about 5 hours to complete. And there is a test at the end.

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  • Tactical Scenarios

    TACTICAL SCENARIOS ARE OUR ONLINE COURSES dealing with various situations that individuals, teams and units should be trained for. Each is less than 1 hour, has a short quiz and extra credit.

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  • Training Fits

    A "FIT" OR "FITTING" IS A TRAINING REGIMEN specifying the activities that need to be completed in order for an individual, team or a unit to achieve their training objectives. We use fittings extensively in the O2DA Defense Academy to guide and manage training regimens.

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  • Defense Academy Profile

    Defense Academy HQ is the hub for managing your personal information, connections, interactions, plans and subscriptions. This is your personal HQ that you can configure to suit your specific training objectives.

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  • Training Groups

    Training Groups is where you go to interact with others in your cadre. You can set-up your own group and invite others to join. There are groups for Units, Teams, ATP's CFI's, students, clients, media etc. Inside "Groups" you may find special offers or opportunities from your ATP or CFI. You can post your won photos, videos, files, etc. for you and your training cadre.

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  • Smartsheet Training Plans

    Our most important resource is our interactive training plan (ITP). With our ITP you can monitor your training progress, create customized training plans and modify or create your own training stages and tasks.

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  • Training Plans

    The O2DA Defense Academy is packed with information. Our training plans allow us to organize this content in a manner that matches the training objectives of our members. We have several training plans - for individuals, teams, units, basic training, advance training, a 5-day startup plan and a 12 month plan.

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  • Drill Videos

    Drill and technique videos for handgun, shotgun and rifle supported by detailed narrative and still photos. These are the same drills you learn in our range courses. The techniques you learn on the range you can then study and recall at your convenience.

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  • Drill Manuals

    Detailed web versions of the handgun, shotgun and rifle manuals including narrative and still photos. Not only can you read in detail about each technique and view detailed high-resolution photos, you can also then watch a video showing the full sequence in action.

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  • Strategy For Defense

    The purpose of this manual is to develop the ideas and concepts leading to the creation of a strategy necessary for civilians to defend life and property from violent threat. This manual outlines why the strategy for civilian defense of life and property is self-reliance. The strategy is dependent upon building decentralized networks of simpatico individuals to secure your life, family, business and community.

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  • Individual Tactics

    The Individual Tactics manual explains the tactics needed to defend yourself and other innocents in the home and the street during a high-stress lethal force confrontation. In this manual you will learn how to maneuver in hallways, clear rooms, cross thresholds, work stairwells, and how to properly use cover and concealment to decisively defeat your adversary. Not only will you learn how to dominate a lethal force confrontation, you will also learn about footwork, your spheres of security, what you can do to mitigate the legal challenges that will inevitably follow the use of lethal force.

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  • Team Tactics

    Small businesses, schools, and churches have always been at a disadvantage when it came to security. In the past,they were limited to two choices, either hire expensive security guards or depend upon local law enforcement to provide for their safety and security. Hiring security guards is not only expensive but questionable as to training and consistency, while law enforcement will never be there when a threat materializes. There is now an alternative; developing a private security force, and Team Tactics discusses the steps necessary to make this happen.

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  • Unit Tactics

    This Manual will discuss the short term and long term perturbations that can threaten our security, and how we can anticipate these events and manage the transition from normal to off-normal (or new-normal). We start from the observation that these are not challenges that can be met by individuals acting alone: they require community and cooperation. Because we have little directly applicable experience – there are few certainties and no tried-and-true methods for addressing the challenges of civilizational decline – this manual seeks to educate more than to train.

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  • Case Study

    This section presents a case study to bring to life the tactics and techniques described in the Strategy For Defense, Team Tactics and Unit Tactics manuals. The case study animates the threats faced by individuals, parents, business owners, church officials and school administrators. You will find the case study referred to in detail in the various manuals. We have extracted specific elements of the case study for presentation here without the detailed tactics and techniques discussion.

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  • Threat Center

    You will find several resources on this page that will help you determine your personal security strategy. These resources are updated 24/7 including the threat matrix which categorizes potential threats by location, type, target, probability and potential consequences. During periods of increased threat, we create and publish threat matrices based upon unfolding events.

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The cost for a monthly membership in the Pulse O2DA Defense Academy is $29.95. Members then have access to more than $10,000 of training course and program content. They study and train at their own pace - accessing the content 24/7 on computers, tablets, pads and mobile phones following one of our three training plans.

Individuals will learn how to defend in home and on the street: Basic weapon fundamentals for handgun, shotgun and rifle; like stance and grip, loading and unloading, draw, malfunction clearances, etc. The strategy and tactics necessary to dominate a lethal force confrontation.The confidence to defend yourself, your family, your business and your community.

Teams will learn how to defend business, school and church: Movement techniques like basic formations, micro-team dynamics and force multipliers. How to do a threat evaluation, asset evaluation and vulnerability assessment. Preparing the Mission Essential Task List. Immediate action drills, battle drills. wargaming and conducting rehearsals.

Units will learn how to defend neighborhood and community: Leadership and planning including command, control and communications. How to do an area study, evaluate external factors and create contingency plans. Tactical principles and skills for community defense. Supplemental roles like medicine, land navigation, field craft, etc.


We have structured the Pulse O2DA Defense Academy membership options to fit your training objective. Click here to join.