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ON-RANGE TRAINING for handgun, shotgun and rifle. Two and three-day reality based training for individual, team and unit tactics.

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ON-LINE TRAINING PORTAL offering a 5-day kick-start training program for new gun buyers plus resources for experienced individuals, teams and units.

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ON-SITE ENGAGEMENTS  providing basic and recurrent training for businesses, schools, churches and communities to defend life and property.

Briefings + PDF's


CCW Title

This briefing includes 5 videos and text narrative that establish basic concepts and techniques for the serious concealed carrier. Watch all 5 videos in sequence and review the text narrative that accompanies the videos. We recommend this briefing to anyone considering a CCW permit or license or who currently carries a concealed weapon 


Combative Sighted Fire 120x
Download and read "Extreme Accuracy For Combative Sighted Fire"

Moving With Loaded Tile120x
Download and read "Why Training With a Loaded Firearm is Safer Than Training With An Unloaded Firearm. 

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Download and read "How The Bricks of Socialization Brainwash You Into Becoming Sheep, Incapable of Defending You or Your Family"

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Download and read "Suggestions and Considerations for Purchasing Your First Hand, Shotgun or Rifle"





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