Patch DS O2DA 3dDistributed Security, Inc. is a private security firm. We train and mobilize individuals, teams and units to defend life and property. We offer on-line, on-site and on-range training packages for the defense of individual, home, business, church, school and community.




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WE ARE THE CREATORS OF PRIVATE DEFENSE NETWORKS, a distributed security strategy enabling businesses to develop private defense bases and operate private security forces capable of defending life and property.

We offer enterprises a turnkey package of services for business including infrastructure, training, provisioning and outsourcing. Private defense networks are various combinations of businesses, schools, churches and communities who collaborate to defend against violent threats. A private defense network encompasses a territory composed of private defense bases (PDB) supported by a central tactical training center (TTC). Business enterprises anchor PDN’s by developing on-premise private defense bases and establishing, training, and, maintaining private security forces capable of defending the immediate community from violent threat.