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ON-RANGE TRAINING for handgun, shotgun and rifle. Two and three-day reality based training for individual, team and unit tactics.

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ON-LINE TRAINING PORTAL offering a 5-day kick-start training program for new gun buyers plus resources for experienced individuals, teams and units.

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ON-SITE ENGAGEMENTS  providing basic and recurrent training for businesses, schools, churches and communities to defend life and property.

What Are Fittings?

A "FIT" OR "FITTING" IS A TRAINING REGIMEN specifying the activities that need to be completed in order for an individual, team or a unit to achieve their training objectives. We use fittings extensively in the Pulse Defense Academy to guide and manage training regimens. The first thing you do as a member of the Defense Academy is select your fitting. Below are descriptions of each fitting:

Basic Fitting

Vman Wheel Base Ind BasicThe basic fit is for individuals with little or no firearms experience, who are interested in learning how to use a handgun (a.k.a. a "secondary" firearm) for self-defense. The regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Advanced Fitting

Vman Wheel Adv Fit2The advanced fitting is designed for the serious individual operator or "IO" and offers key fundamental techniques and tactics needed to effectively defend against a lethal force encounter at home or on the street. The advanced fitting trains handgun, shotgun and rifle as primary, secondary and tertiary weapons. Combative techniques such as clearing hallways, rooms and staircases along with street scenarios are emphasized. The following regimen specifies the training activities including: online manuals you should study, drill videos you should watch, training plan your should follow, dry-practice routines you should implement, courses and programs you should take, and the weapon(s) and accessories you should purchase in order to achieve this fit objective. 

Team Fitting

Vman Wheel Team FitThe team fit is for individuals with a solid grasp of both their primary (shotgun or rifle) and secondary weapon (the handgun), who are interested in learning how to exponentially increase their combat effectiveness by working as a team to defend a single objective like a business, school or church. This fitting introduces team fundamentals, force multipliers, basic formations, asset evaluation, site surveys, vulnerability analysis, mission essential task list (METL), wargaming and after action reviews. This fitting is for business owners, employees, school administrators, teachers and parents and church officials and parishioners. Basic and Advanced Fitting training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 

Unit Fitting

Vman Wheel Unit FitThe unit fits are for teams who interested in learning how to defend a specific territory consisting of homes, businesses, schools and churches. This training exponentially increases the effectiveness of teams by expanding their sphere of influence in order to defend their neighborhoods and communities in times of crisis and civil unrest. The unit fitting will be all the training needed for the majority of small teams, with a heavy emphasis placed on supplemental modules that will give the unit leaders great flexibility in training their teams for their unique needs in their particular area of operation (AO). The following regimen specifies the training activities including study, practice, weaponry and courses or programs needed to competently deal with a vast majority of realistic crisis scenarios faced by most neighborhoods and communities. This fit is an advance team fit, which will aid the unit leaders in coordinating his efforts with all the assets available to him.This fitting is for neighborhood watch groups and community officials. Basic, Advanced and Team training is a prerequisite for this fitting. 



The Schmitt Family

APD Gathering Storm

We want to introduce the Schmitt family to you. The Schmitt's are the topic of a case study we developed that describes the struggles of one family; as individuals, employees, business owners and community residents, to cope with the increasing threats and violence they face living in Detroit. This case study is the centerpiece of our Strategy For Defense manual which you can read in the Pulse Armory or by purchasing the print version of the manual. In our Strategy manual we build a strategic blueprint describing how individuals can assume control of their own defense using the Schmitt family to help illustrate the process.

A Gathering Storm

THE NEXT SEVERAL YEARS ARE GOING TO GET DANGEROUS. Active shooters, organized gangs, domestic and foreign terrorists, union thugs, and rioting mobs have all placed businesses in their cross hairs. Half of the United States of America now view business as the enemy, spurred on by a political class fanning the flames of class warfare.

Conventional mechanisms like law enforcement, the judicial system and business insurance coverage will not cope with these increasing dangers, and will no longer provide the level of security that business owners have come to expect. Forward thinking business owners understand they need to provide their own defense and security.

Pulse O2DA will teach you and a select group of your employees how to defend your lives and livelihood. You will learn three weapons systems - handgun, shotgun, and rifle, and the small unit tactics necessary to operate as a cohesive fighting unit. The training you receive from us will be equal to, and in many cases better than the training provided to your local law-enforcement SWAT teams. Our instructors all come from significant military and law enforcement backgrounds. We start by teaching you how to eliminate the threat before the authorities arrive. We train you on exactly what to do from identifying the threat and the firing of the first shot, to the arrival of the first responders.

Why not hire security guards? Security guards and private security forces are used by many large and medium-sized businesses. But for the small to medium-sized firm there are several reasons why you should consider developing your own security force including cost, competency and self-reliance. The cost of maintaining a full-time, on-site security guard presence for a firm with 100 employees on a monthly basis will be $20,000 to $30,000. The competency of the security guards in an active shooter scenario will always be questionable - you are at their mercy. Most importantly, when you complete our training you will be self-reliant and have the skills and the confidence necessary to defend yourself and your employees.

Most firearms training groups and the US Government will not teach you what we will teach you. We train you the way a SWAT team is trained. We happen to believe that civilians have a right to be every bit as skilled and prepared as law enforcement when it comes to defending their life and their livelihood. Further, we believe that despite what the United States government advises, business owners and their employees are under no obligation to sacrifice themselves in an active shooter scenario. Both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security advise businesses and their employees to "run" "hide" or "fight" should they find themselves in an active shooter situation. Their recommendation should you have to "fight" is to "yell" "distract" or "throw" something at the shooter.

We credit both the FBI and the Department of Homeland Security with being honest about the reality of an active shooter scenario. Both admit that law enforcement will not arrive in time to stop the carnage.

The FBI offers the following advice:

"Research has shown that many of these situations are over in minutes and law enforcement may not arrive in time. As a result, employees have to become stakeholders in their own safety and security and develop a survival mind-set comprised of awareness, preparation, and rehearsal."

The Department of Homeland Security via this training video advises you:

"Active shooter situations are unpredictable and evolve quickly. Typically, the immediate deployment of law enforcement is required to stop the shooting and mitigate harm to victims. Active shooters usually will continue to move throughout building or area until stopped by law enforcement, suicide, or other intervention."


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