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ON-RANGE TRAINING for handgun, shotgun and rifle. Two and three-day reality based training for individual, team and unit tactics.

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ON-LINE TRAINING PORTAL offering a 5-day kick-start training program for new gun buyers plus resources for experienced individuals, teams and units.

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ON-SITE ENGAGEMENTS  providing basic and recurrent training for businesses, schools, churches and communities to defend life and property.

Webinar Information

Cleveland Webinar Series5

Defending Your Homeland: How To Defend Your Home, Business, Church, School Or Community During Civil Disturbances


The RNC convention is causing many, not just in Cleveland, but throughout the rest of the United States, even Europe, to assess their own private security options. What options do private citizens have for defending their life and property?

This series of 10 one-hour webinars leading up to the RNC convention are designed to help private citizens answer these questions. The webinars will provide useful tips and tactics for private citizens, homeowners, business owners, church elders, school administrators and community officials. Each one hour webinar will follow this format:

1. Weekly Topic: Introduction to a major topic (see list below)
2. Weapon fundamentals: Basic weapon fundamentals and training tips.
3. Tactical tips: Working in teams, vulnerability analysis, tactical catalogues, etc.
3. Situation analysis: Current events as they impact private security.
5. Questions: 15 minutes dedicated to Q & A.

These are free webinars. You can attend all or just one depending upon your interest. Qualified attendees receive:

1. Complimentary 14-day access to the O2DA Defense Academy
2. PDF copy of “Strategy for the Defense Of Home, Business and Community”
3. PDF copy of the “Intent to Defend” protocols.

Here are the dates and weekly topic for each webinar:

May 12: The New Normal in Personal and Collective Security
May 19: The New Threat and Response Paradigm
May 26: Self-Reliance Is The Key To Security
June 02:. How Individuals Can Protect Life And Property
June 09: The Synergy of the Team
June 16: How Businesses and Churches Can Provide Their Own Security
June 23: 7. How We Can Protect Our Schools
June 30: 8. How Neighbors Can Protect Their Community
July 07: Foundations and First Steps
July 15: Converting Fear And Loathing Into Hope And Empowerment

You need to register to attend. One registration wii gain you access to all 10 webinars. Please click on this link to register. 

This is the best training system I've come across in almost 30 years of training soldiers and civilians."
Retired Army Drill Sergeant,
Tank Commander and M1A1 Master Gunner

"The Pulse O2DA manuals are far better than the outdated doctrine presented in most US military manuals."
Father of Fourth Generation Warfare

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